Bringing safety

to the media and entertainment industry.


Because it is not all magic and special effects in the movie industry. The danger is real and should not be taken seriously.

Behind the scenes of almost every blockbuster, there are serious injuries that happend on the set and most often could be prevented.  While some dangerous are easy to spot others stay unnoticed until an accident happen. And its not just stuntmen that pay the highest price. Often cameraman, extras or the actors themselves end up with an injury.

It is a legal requirement to make sure all your staff is safe. 

This is easily said but not so easy to do. The safety industry lacks movie proof professionals who can trully advise on the issue. Therefore we put a team of specials having experience with the filming as well as health and safety, the right mix to make the cooperation with your film crew smooth and effective.

Will my film project be stripped of all potentially hazardous scenes, when I employ safety experts?

 No, definitely not! Our team consists of industry specialists, having experience with the movie industry, filming, special effects etc. They are creative enough to come with a solution that will be safe and as much in line with your artistic intention as possible. 



Our mission is clear. But does it really work? 

Yes, it does. We could prove it on live project

CG Watkings Photoshoot

For his new photos CG Watkings combined advanced stunts with premium mens fashion.

And we were there, to make sure all goes well!