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Welcome to the website of SEFEX – Safety Film Experts Ltd., a leading provider of health and safety solutions in the film industry.

Since our establishment in 2009, we have consistently evolved and refined our services to align with the best global standards. Our company mission is: “Making the film industry safer!”

As a proud family-owned business, we specialize in top-notch health and safety services, bringing a personal touch and high level of expertise. This means meticulous attention to detail and a personal commitment to your safety.

Our key service for film studios is the Production Safety Manager. When filming in multiple countries, we audit local legislation, compare it with studio guidelines, and help maintain safety standards across all locations. We always collaborate with local H&S specialists, ensuring transparency and systematic management so that the film studio is always informed.

Originally founded as Agilitas with a focus on stunt action scene safety, we rebranded as SEFEX and expanded our scope to cover all areas of health and safety in the film industry. We collaborate with renowned organizations like the European Institute for Film Project Safety (EIBFP), developing crucial protocols such as the Covid-19 return-to-work guidelines.

Our portfolio includes collaborations on large international film productions, making us a trusted partner for projects of various sizes and genres. We are also the authors of the “Safe Film in the Czech Republic” project, which comprises health and safety standards adopted by Czech trade organizations in the audiovisual industry.


We adhere to the highest standards and collaborate with top experts to ensure safety on film sets and minimize filming risks. Our systematic approach and commitment to reducing entropy underline our dedication to excellence.


We consistently follow our company code of conduct – see below.


Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to working with you to ensure the safety of your film project.

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Mgr. Jiří Kosorinský, MBA
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