Safety support

The professional quality and authorisation of our services are ensured by the European Institute for H&S in the Film Industry with which we cooperate on academic projects.

We are one of the few companies in Europe that has liability insurance covering COVID-19 and an insurance cover of 30,000,000 CZK (1,140,985€ // £1,029,540)


  • An experienced senior supervisor, specialising in the harmonisation of H&S standards across European countries, will help you ensure that film studio H&S standards are met everywhere.  
  • On-site production safety making sure that filming under the supervision of local H&S follows all your work safety standards and will help creatively solve any challenges that may come up.
  • On-site safety advisor support in the area of work safety during the filming of movies, television shows, and events, or other workplace safety.
  • On-site safety advisor support specialising in stunt work and hazardous scenes from a work safety perspective.
  • Work safety audits for strongly process-oriented operations, because random work can only yield random results.
  • Telephone and email safety advice for quick answers to all your safety-related questions.

You can be confident that in all areas of our work safety support, you will receive the highest level of professional advice from specialists in the field, who advocate a systematic approach and the highest qualification standards.


  • Our professional guarantor – senior supervisor, in addition to many years of experience, has a university degree in occupational safety and is currently completing his PhD. We guarantee the highest professional standards in Europe.
  • We participate in the definition of OSH standards in the Czech Republic, our project “Safe Film” was accepted by the association of producers and trade unions in audivozi as a recognized OSH standard in the Czech Republic.
  • Our work safety supervisors have film/television education and practical experience in the field of work safety. They are capable of finding creative and legal solutions to every problem, emphasising systematic approaches and the highest qualification standards.
  • The unique combination of work safety knowledge and years of experience in stunt work allows our advisors to offer professional advice during the execution of hazardous scenes. In other words, advisors with stunt expertise streamline the filming preparation process and increase the safety of stunt actions from a work safety perspective.
  • We specialise in crisis management, e.g., filming affected by various challenges in the field of work safety.
  • We are either part of the project from the very beginning or work on an expert consultation basis.
  • We work systemically, not by feeling. Systematicity is our strength, which leads to reduced entropy and more efficient work. We save time on the shoot.
  • We know the standards of film studios like Netlfix, Disney, Lionsgate, Universal, etc. We can harmonize them with local legislation.
  • We work with the latest technologies such as AI, real-time remote interactive support. As a result, we maintain our service standards at the same level despite the different experience of our advisors.


  • From our experience, we know that navigating the requirements of work safety (international, local, studio guidelines) is very challenging, and local work safety teams often struggle to orient themselves.
  • Our goal is to help establish safety procedures, ensure compliance, and oversee their execution.
  • We believe there is a smart way to approach routine, recurring tasks that are important for work safety.
  • Automated monitoring and early warning represent the future of our company in the field of work safety.
  • Partially automated report creation, smart remote support, and data collection using augmented reality glasses enable us to more effectively monitor and address safety issues in the workplace.

With our focus on systematic approaches and the highest qualification standards, we offer you a comprehensive range of services that will help ensure work safety during the filming of movies, television shows, and events. Our extensive experience and innovative approach to problem-solving place us among the leading experts in the field of work safety in the film industry.

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