Safety training

H&S management on production

This course is designed to give a broad overview of the health and safety issues to be considered when making films and programmes. The course will explain why is H&S an integral part of any production and give practical methods of how it should be managed.

Aims & objectives:

  • ​A broad overview of the risk management issues to be considered during the making of programmes
  • Insight into the value of having H&S support on the production
  • Information about risk management policy and procedures, including how productions should interact with their contractors and others
  • To provide information about the legal framework
  • Managing Covid-19 risks on productions

Other services

Safety support
The professional quality and authorisation of our services are ensured by the European Institute for H&S in the Film Industry with which we cooperate on academic projects.
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Mental health & wellbeing support
Mental and physical health are closely linked. We are used to going for health check-ups to prevent any onset of possible more severe illness. The practice should be exactly the same when taking care of our Mental Health and Wellbeing.
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