Safety training

H&S mandatory  training on preproduction

In all European countries before commencing the filming of any cinematic project, it’s a legal requirement for every production company to conduct a health and safety training for all crew members. This training must meet specific legal stipulations to be recognised by the authoritiesed.


What do we believe in?


In collaboration with our strategic partner – SEFEX, Safety Film Experts Ltd., we have developed this innovative online training that reflects the nuances of the film industry.


Why choose our training?:​

  • Focus on the film industry: Given the unique attributes of film production, we have tailored the training to your needs. Up-to-date content: We consistently update information according to the latest trends and recommendations in the field of health and safety.
  • Flexibility: Train from anywhere, anytime – ideal for your hectic schedules. Complete health and safety documentation: We offer comprehensive syllabuses, attendance sheets, and other vital documents crucial for the training’s official recognition.
  • Bilingual: Training is available in both Czech and English. 
  • Transparent payment: You pay only for the individuals who have completed the training.
  • Knowledge verification: We guarantee the fulfilment of legal requirements.
  • Customisation: Each training session is tailor-made – far from generic PDF files.
  • Two-phase approach: Online training for the entire crew plus specialised training for Heads of Departments with an instructor.

Be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow! Don’t be caught off-guard by unforeseen complications on set. Join us and stand among the professionals in health and safety for the film industry.”


Other services

Safety supervision / production safety
The professional quality and authorisation of our services are ensured by the European Institute for H&S in the Film Industry with which we cooperate on academic projects.
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Mental health & wellbeing support
Mental and physical health are closely linked. We are used to going for health check-ups to prevent any onset of possible more severe illness. The practice should be exactly the same when taking care of our Mental Health and Wellbeing.
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