Mental health & wellbeing support

Mental and physical health are closely linked. We are used to going for health check-ups to prevent any onset of possible more severe illness. The practice should be exactly the same when taking care of our Mental Health and Wellbeing.

“The cost to business of poor mental health is well evidenced, as is the return on investment associated with early intervention on workplace mental health.” (The Looking Glass Report: Film and TV Charity; London, February 2020)

The nature of the work in the entertainment industry (long working hours, a woeful work-life balance, job insecurity, lack of support to name a few) currently combined with the pressure of the global pandemic is adding stress and anxiety to everyone’s mental health, which when untreated can lead to the onset of a mental health illness. That’s where our focus on prevention comes in, as an individual with a high resilience due to good mental health = more efficient employee.

Bellow, you’ll find the full overview of services that can be provided, either for the whole production or for individual freelancers.

  • Mental Health First Aider on set (a point of contact for an employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress).
  • Wellbeing Facilitator on set (- advise for producers and heads of department on how to prevent stress and mental health issues and meet their duty of care to the cast and crew; – robustly support all cast and crew with their own mental health and wellbeing on set.)
  • An online zoom room opens every day to support the cast & crew – based on when/if used. Supported by the wellbeing facilitator with a certain knowledge of the project.
  • Personal Wellbeing Promotion Plan (PWPP) – a simple questionnaire designed to assist in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing at work. Done before the start of the production. It’s 100% confidential. It’s easier to help people when one knows what makes them tick.
  • Mental Health RA (based on a review of a script and looking at Content – harrowing graphic or violent for example; Context – shoots in triggering locations, remote working, work in a foreign country, etc.)

Other services

Safety supervision / production safety
The professional quality and authorisation of our services are ensured by the European Institute for H&S in the Film Industry with which we cooperate on academic projects.
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Safety training
This course is designed to give a broad overview of the health and safety issues to be considered when making films and programmes.
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