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Trevor Kletz once said: „…if you think safety is expensive, try an accident.“


„Welcome to our website! We are a proud family-owned business specialising in top-notch health and safety services. Thanks to our family foundation, we’re committed to a personal touch and a high level of expertise. For you, this means meticulous attention to every detail and trust in the fact that your safety is not just a professional matter for us, but a personal mission. we pride ourselves on being systematic in everything we do and reducing entropy. „


Latest projects


Since the beginning of our collaboration the SEFEX team supported the project with great diligence, enthusiasm and goal-oriented expert knowledge, while mutually creating and implementing suitable guidelines to safeguard the wellbeing of everyone involved and creating the framework for a smooth operation.

Blood red sky
Mark Nolting, Netflix/ RatPack Filmproduktion

The SEFEX team was instrumental in the success of helping our show navigate the Covid-19 pandemic while in Czech Republic. From making sure company policy and procedures were being followed to crisis management when we had positive case. Their ability to take control of a situation and strong leadership ability was a major contribution in completing our film.

The falcon and the winter soldier
Christian Lopéz, Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studio

We are thrilled to announce that our company SEFEX s.r.o is now officially Avetta compliant!

This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety, quality, and excellence in all aspects of our work. Becoming Avetta compliant is a testament to our dedication to upholding the highest standards of health and safety, and sustainability in our activities.

Avetta compliance is a significant milestone for us, as it demonstrates our readiness to collaborate with industry leaders, clients, and partners who share our commitment to safety and ethical business practices.

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