Safety support

The professional quality and authorisation of our services are ensured by the European Institute for H&S in the Film Industry with which we cooperate on academic projects.

We are one of the few companies in Europe that has liability insurance covering COVID-19 and an insurance cover of 30,000,000 CZK (1,140,985€ // £1,029,540)

Our full range of services to meet all of your safety needs include:

  • Telephone and email safety Advice for quick answers to any safety questions you may have.
  • Safety advisor onsite support for film, TV, and events safety or other workplace safety.
  • Safety advisor onsite support specialising in stunts and dangerous scenes.
  • Online resources for those with a very tight budget including Guidelines, useful forms and checklist to fit to your project needs can be provided upon request.

You can be assured that in all four lines of our Safety Support you’ll get the most professional advice from specialists in the field.

  • H&S supervisors, with film/tv background and practical experience in the field of H&S and also COVID-19 problematic. Our supervisors are able to find creative and at the same time legal solutions to every issue.
  • The unique combination of H&S and the several years of experience within the stunt field allows our advisors to offer professional advice in the implementation of dangerous scenes. In other words, an advisor with knowledge of stunt problematics will make the preparation of the shoot more efficient and increase the safety of the stunt itself.
  • We specialise in crisis management e.g. the shooting being affected by the COVID-19 infection.
  • We set up processes and measures against COVID-19 to minimise the risk of infection.
  • We are either part of the project from the very beginning or we work on professional consultations basis.
  • Client protection is always our number one priority.

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